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Project specifics: 

Project: Grand Avenue

Location: Hove, East Sussex

Contract: JCT Intermediate

Value: £637,000

Case Study: Download


A scaffold fan was in place around the bottom of the building prior to commencement on site, due to the poor condition of the nib and brickwork. The main part of the works was to replace the defective nib with a stainless steel angle.

Starting from the top of the building we removed all brick work floor by floor to expose the nib. This was then cut off and the edge of the concrete slab was repaired. A new stainless steel angle support was then installed, allowing the brickwork to be reconstructed off of the nib.

The main roof of the building did not have adequate insulation, this was rectified by installing high performance roofing and an insulation system. This not only dramatically increased the thermal installation of the building but also provided a 25 year guarantee.

Whilst the remedial works were being undertaken it was discovered that the supports to the brick panels on the balconies were in a very poor condition. These had to be removed and new galvanised metal supports were installed to support the brick work and the new balcony railing.

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