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The economy is in better shape, the industry is in better shape and Ellis is in better shape. At last we can pick up where we left off pre-recession and continue to grow the business - and grow we are.

Over the next four years we plan to reach a turnover of £15m. This year we’re on forecast to get close to our £8.5m by Christmas. This will be a fantastic achievement. Of course you can’t achieve turnover without orders and we really are building up a very strong order book with a very good mix of projects. It’s not plain sailing, there is a huge amount of work to get these new works on site and at the end of the day the real target is ensuring the projects are profitable. Here is flavour of what’s to start on site over the next few months:

• More work at the Arndale Centre
• Another shopping centre in West Sussex
• A prime location for 10 flats and 4 houses
• 6 houses for a local developer
• A new lifeboat station for the RNLI
• More University work • A number of projects for the small works teams
• More church work • Housing Association works

Encouragingly the longer term pipeline is also looking healthy as well.

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