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If you are local to Eastbourne you will have no doubt spotted our hard to miss hoarding around what was formerly The Waverley Pub on Ashford Road. We began work on the site in January to refurbish the building internally and externally to allow to premises to be used as a day nursery for children run by Leaps and Bounds.

We have had to introduce a good deal of structural steelwork to allow the floor space to be opened up to form large play areas on 3 floors, this has been carried out with the help of our professional partners on this project from Stiles Harold Williams and Mitchinson Macken.

The building has thrown up some interesting features, which include single skin ‘no fines’ concrete external walls and unconventional flooring with thick 40mm floorboards supported on steel joists.

During the demolition phase the Ellis team discovered some old newspapers dating back to 1939 within the walls. The front page showed a picture of the late Queen Mum with Hitler, everyone on site couldn’t help but imagine how the builders of that time would have had a lot more to worry about than we do today with an impending World War and a building materials shortage, which more than likely accounts for some of the unusual features of the property.

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