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Construction4Growth is an industry campaign calling on Government to invest in construction as the best route out of recession and back to growth.

The Construction industry has been the sector most affected by the recession - losing in excess of 177,000 workers employed in its supply chain and contributing 8% to British GDP, the construction industry has a role to play in returning the UK economy back to growth.

The Construction4Growth campaign is an industry-wide coalition, with active support from trade associations, federations and employers - both large and small. Facilited by CITB-Construction Skills, the leadership body for skills and training, the campaign is working to provide a clear vision and unified voice from the construction industry on how to leverage skill and employment in the sector to support UK growth.

The C4G campaign is working with organisations and individuals across construction to bring new and innovative ideas on how to stimulate growth in construction to the heart of government. The campaign's focus will be on the three broad themes of investment, skills and opportunities for jobs through green growth.

For this campaign to impact government policy, support is needed from everyone involved in the construction and built environment sector. 

C4G is an industry campaign calling on Government to invest in construction as the best route out of the recession and back to growth. 

Growth in the construction industry is critical to the wellbeing of the UK economy. The industry lost 45,000 jobs last year and a 5% reduction in construction output earlier this year caused a return to recession.

Working with industry, Government has the opportunity to reverse this decline. For every pound spent in construction £2.84 is returned to the economy - an industry that accounts for 8% of GDP and a workforce of over 3 million. The right investment in construction now will lead the UK away from decline toward growth and job creation.

Ellis has for some time recognised the importance to the economy the construction sector is and that is why WE ARE FULLY SUPPORTIVE of this initiative. Your support is essential… Get involved with the Construction4Growth campaign and together we can help to get Britain working…

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